About these Apartments

Our modern, long-stay studio apartments in Chippendale create the perfect temporary home for business travellers working in or near the city. The apartments offer turn-key corporate living with more space than alternate accommodation options. Plus the privacy and conveniences of a home.

Each of our urban studio apartments has a 52 sqm open plan design. When you walk in the door you have a full view of the balcony, lounge and dining area. These Chippendale apartments are fitted with quality modern furnishings and the main living area is filled with the natural light from the connecting private enclosed balcony.

All kitchens are well equipped with cooking utensils and equipment to prepare proper meals. Gas cooktops, full-sized fridges and modern appliances make this an enjoyable experience when preparing breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Each apartment has an internal laundry with a front load washing machine and dryer.

The perfect place to work, relax and live.