South Bank Corporate Apartments

Fully Corporate Apartments in the Heart of South Bank

Simply give the team at Astra Apartments a call and we can discuss a perfectly tailored package for your upcoming stay at our corporate accommodation.

The apartments at Astra have all the necessary furnishings and amenities to make your stay a pleasurable and relaxing one. We have designed our apartments to cover all aspects required to make long term stay at Astra South Bank convenient, and we’re sure that when you choose our accommodation for your stay in Brisbane, you will be satisfied with your decision.

Features include:

  • Full sized residential apartments with private balconies
  • Meet and greet with 24 hour on call management
  • Fully equipped, fully furnished
  • Apartment controlled air-conditioning/heating
  • Parking available on request for additional charge
  • Minimum stay 4 nights

Work. Relax. Live.