About these Apartments

For relocating families and corporate project teams, look no further than Astra Apartments sub-penthouse 3-bedroom apartments. Brisbane CBD accommodation where the blend of style, space and functionality will have you feeling right at home.

The oversized living spaces beckon you to unwind, and truly relax. Spread out your suitcases, stretch your legs, and relish the freedom that only a home away from home can offer.

The heart of these apartments is the sprawling residential kitchen, a culinary haven that invites occupants to channel their inner chef. Quality appliances, a full-sized fridge and cupboards well stocked with cooking equipment make meal preparation a breeze.

Enjoy the convenience of two large bathrooms and large inbuilt wardrobes that offer both storage and a sense of order in your temporary abode.

For those staying in Brisbane for work, our 3-bedroom apartments ensure you’re ready to embrace productivity. A dedicated workspace and unlimited secure WiFi are included. Manage your work commitments, or stay seamlessly in touch with loved ones with our secure, reliable connection.

And then, there’s the balcony. Step outside and enjoy iconic views of Brisbane’s Story Bridge. We’re certain you will be taking some photos to send to colleagues and family!

These sub-penthouses become more than just a place to stay when travelling to Brisbane; it’s a haven of space, comfort, and familiarity. The luxury of having a home while you’re away is immeasurable.