Environmental, Social & Governance

Sharpening the focus on a more sustainable path for humanity.

Astra Apartments ESG spans our corporate apartments, the communities in which we operate and the planet on which we live

At Astra Apartments, we are embarking on a journey of deliberate actions.

Actions that see us shifting our mindset. So that when it comes to our decision-making, the future of humanity is at the forefront and not an afterthought.

Our journey has begun.

Together we will make a difference.

Melbourne Collins St 1 Bed Corporate Apartment

Big Apartments. Small Footprints

Environmental responsibility

Our goal is to minimise the impact our business has on the environment and to make our clients aware of how they can work with us to achieve the same.  Outlined below, are the actions we are already rolling out across the group. 

Waste reduction and environmental sensitivity

  • Roll-out of digital compendiums
  • Paperless guest communications and digital check-ins
  • Limiting single use toiletries to one set per stay (average minimum stay is 45 nights)
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Responsible sourcing of quality furniture that is built to last
  • Separate recycling and rubbish receptacles in all buildings


  • Low flow shower heads installed 
  • Low flow taps used in the kitchens
  • Low water usage washers
  • Dual flush toilets
  • As part of servicing, linen is only washed weekly and by a commercial laundry


  • Apartment cleaning only once per week
  • Timers on air conditionings
  • Replaced halogen light bulbs with LED light bulbs
  • All appliances purchased (fridges, washer, dryers, TV, hairdryers) have a 4 star or more energy efficiency rating
  • Double glazed windows in cold climates
  • Blinds and curtains used in hot climates to keep the heat out
Newcastle Bellevue 3 bed corporate apartment kitchen

By staying in an Astra Apartment, you can do your bit too

Our corporate apartments have residential-style kitchens including full-sized fridges.

That means, with a bit of meal planning, occupants can eat nutritious food and help reduce food waste.

Minimising our mark on the environment does not stop here

Minimising our mark on the environment is an ongoing process and we continue to research and monitor new ways to make a difference.

Take a look through some of the other initiatives we are working towards right now.

No single-use plastic by 2030

Removing any single-use plastics from the apartments and replacing them with recyclable, reusable products by 2030. These include toiletry, dishwashing and laundry provisions.

Awareness campaign: "Apartments are homes, not products to consume"

Development and roll-out of educational resources to inspire a sustainable mindset for occupants who are staying in an Astra Apartment.

The “Apartments are homes, not products to consume.” campaign will encourage occupants to consider the impact of their in-apartment actions on the environment. 

Reduce your C02 business travel emissions by up to 50%

Did you know that corporate apartments produce, on average, less than half of a single hotel room’s CO2 a night?

To help you calculate the CO2 emissions for your trip, Trees For Travel have developed a quick and easy calculator.  What’s more, you can offset your trip by purchasing trees and certified carbon credits that are invested into renewable energy projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social responsibilities extend beyond the four walls of our apartments, and our actions are deliberate and growing. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our People

By nature, we are a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation. Without defined quotas, there is equal gender representation across our business owners and management teams as well as mixed race, sexuality and religious beliefs.

We believe in a world without bias and that our greatest power is to lead by example.

This cultural mindset flows beyond our internal teams and we carefully select contractors and suppliers that are aligned with our values and ethical standards.

Our Communities

We have a strong focus on supporting local, prioritising and promoting businesses that take steps towards reducing humanity’s carbon footprint.

We also take pride in being able to give back to the communities where we live through charitable work and donations of household goods and furnishings to organisations supporting those in need. 

Melbourne Collins St 1 Bed Corporate Apartment rockery
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