If you are going to be staying in Australia for an extended period of time and are considering an extended stay in corporate long-term apartments then it is worth knowing what to look out for in order to get the best deal. Corporate apartments are becoming increasingly popular among travellers and business people looking for long-stay accommodation as they have so much more to offer to long-stay travellers.

With so many options and providers available it may not always be an easy choice when it comes to finding the right apartment for your needs. With that in mind, here are 3 things to look out for in a corporate long-stay apartment:

1. Location

The purpose of your stay will determine the ideal area for your long-stay accommodation. Business people and professionals may prefer apartments in or near the local central business district, while families may opt for somewhere in the suburbs and closer to schools instead.

In addition to this, other aspects to keep an eye on for the location of your apartment include whether it has good transport links, and if it is corporate by good quality leisure and dining establishments. All Astra Apartments are centrally located close to a wide range of shops, restaurants and transport links. Whether you are looking to stay in the heart of the CBD or in a suburb further afield with good transport links you can be assured Astra Apartments has the right location for you.

2. Facilities

Before agreeing to your chosen apartment it is important to ensure you have a full picture of what’s on offer or available as part of your accommodation. Modern must-haves include fully furnished and equipped apartments that include a kitchen and other essentials as standard whose availability is important to confirm. It is also worth asking about the availability of the apartments’ internet service, parking arrangements, and nearby public amenities.

Other considerations could include the amount of space the apartment has to offer and whether that is enough for your needs, and most importantly, the general upkeep of the property. All Astra Apartments are modern, spacious and fully equipped. We can provide added extras such as high chairs and child friendly crockery to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable extended stay.

3. Feedback and Experience

Another important aspect to look out for when searching for a corporate long-stay apartment is the experience of your selected provider and the feedback of their previous tenants. Online reviews can provide a good picture of the type of service you can expect to receive, as does the amount of experience a provider has in offering corporate apartments.

Added to that, your own personal experience in dealing with your selected provider will also help you decide whether they are the right company to work with or if you should look elsewhere. Whether it is their telephone manner in dealing with your enquiries, or how far they will go to make your stay as comfortable as possible, it is all part of the experience and a pointer for how the rest of your stay may pan out. Take a look at our testimonials to find out more about the personalised corporate Astra provide.

Corporate and long-stay apartments have the benefit of providing a home away from home at reasonable cost during extended stays. Starting off by looking out for the above three pointers is a good place to start in finding the right place for your long stay. The choice is ultimately yours and by being diligent tenants will be able to find the best quality experience and most comfortable long-stay apartments for their accommodation requirements.

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