Corporate travel bookers face the constant challenge of how to efficiently manage their workload. They have an overwhelming number of tasks to juggle, so it’s essential to find ways to simplify the booking process and enhance their productivity.

Being unfamiliar with a location, managing arrivals and resolving unexpected cancellations are tasks that can turn any well-planned day into a spin. But with proper support, these time warps can be avoided.

In this article, we explore three ways Astra Apartments helps corporate travel bookers to work smarter, not harder, by providing valuable assistance and personalised services.

1. Detailed briefs lead to better solutions

Recently, we had an enquiry from a booker who was not familiar with the city they were booking their corporate traveller into. They came to us requesting a specific location and provided indicative dates and the length of stay (3 months).

Whilst this could have resulted in the booker wasting their time on unsuitable quotes, after further digging, we uncovered that in fact, the location they were looking at was not their best option. The client’s offices were instead much closer to another location within the Astra portfolio.

If you know the area well, then booking via the GDS or online is great. On the Astra website, you can even search by office location from this page by entering “Search By Office Location” in the search bar. By doing this, you will see a map view of where the apartments are in relation to the place of work.

Search By Office Location

However, if you are unfamiliar with the locality, sharing all the knowledge you have as a booker with the location manager will not only save you tedious research time, but it will also help with sourcing the best solution for your corporate travellers and their unique preferences.

By partnering with Astra Apartments, corporate travel bookers gain access to in-depth knowledge of various areas. Our presence in a suburb or city often spans multiple buildings, and the more we know about the traveller, the more we assist by considering additional factors such as proximity to the office, parking availability, pet-friendly options, and access to public transportation.

Detailed briefs save you time, and if you’re an Aggregator competing for the booking, they can increase your chances of securing the business.

2. Fully managed arrivals will free your time to focus on other tasks

Managing arrivals can present logistical challenges, especially if things don’t go to plan. But if the arrivals are fully managed by the accommodation supplier, time is freed to focus on other tasks.

Astra Apartments include this as part of their service.

So how does this work? When the accommodation booking is made with us, we proactively request the occupant details upfront. We are requesting the information so we can arrange a time to personally meet the traveller. These contact details enable us to establish direct communication with the person who is staying.

With the occupant’s contact details, we can communicate directly with the traveller, provide comprehensive arrival instructions and ensure a seamless and coordinated experience on the day of arrival.

Bookers can remove tasks around arrivals from their to-do lists, and furthermore, travellers can feel comfortable knowing they have a local on-the-ground contact.

3. Eliminate unexpected cancellation bills

One of the most frustrating aspects of managing bookings is dealing with unforeseen cancellations. So where possible, you should avoid it.

Unlike traditional hotels, Astra Apartments takes a proactive approach to prevent last-minute surprises that can burden bookers with cancellation bills.

Through our personal meet-and-greet service, we provide real-time updates on guest arrivals. Should a traveller fail to appear, bookers are promptly informed.

By staying informed about the status of your bookings, you can address any issues that arise swiftly, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience for your corporate travellers, and saving you an admin headache.

Selecting the right accommodation partner plays a crucial role in streamlining corporate travel. By working with Astra Apartments for 7+ night stays, you can leverage local area expertise, take advantage of fully managed arrivals, and minimise the risk of unexpected cancellation bills. We empower bookers to focus on their core responsibilities while ensuring their travellers’ accommodation needs are efficiently met.

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