There are many amazing places in Australia but Wollongong stands out among them due to its unique mix of a quiet resort town and a contemporary metropolis. Here you can enjoy all the wonders of civilisation and have a night out on par with the grandest cities in the world. Yet, while escaping the hustle and bustle usually associated with these places.

If you are looking for a reason to stay in Wollongong, you’ll be spoilt for choice:

Wollongong offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia

Whether you are here for a weekend retreat or for work, a visit to one of the Wollongong’s beaches is a must. The soft sand and crystal-clear waters of the pacific can entertain you for many hours, and sunsets here are nothing short of magnificent.

You can enjoy walking or jogging down the Blue Mile, a Wollongong training track that offers a spectacular view.

Wollongong is a place where you can fly

At least, you can skydive here, as Sky Dive Australia is located in Stuart Park on Cliff Road. This is one of the most popular activities among tourists, and you can be 100% sure that your adventure will be safe.

There are other kinds of ‘aerial experiences’ on offer, including paragliding and trips on a small plane, so you’ll be able to go up in the air, in many different ways. A trip to Wollongong can give you an adrenaline boost like no other, and you get to enjoy magnificent landscapes while you are at it.

Wollongong hosts many museums

If you prefer ‘tamer’ entertainment or just want to enrich your adventure with educational experiences, you should take a tour around Wollongong museums and other sights. There is a futuristic Science Centre and Planetarium where you can learn about the wonders created by researchers. The Australian Motorlife Museum is sure to capture the hearts of auto-enthusiasts. The Illawarra Museum is an attraction for history-lovers as it offers fantastic displays of the local heritage.

You should also visit Nan Tien Temple and Wollongong Head Lighthouse. Both landmarks are magnificent in their own way.

Wollongong has a fantastic selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes

Between sightseeing and activities, Wollongong offers every visitor a chance to try some amazing foods. Here you can taste the world’s best cuisines as well as quite a few local specialties.

Have fun touring the bars and clubs long into the night and trying some incredible cocktails. There is karaoke, dancing, and any other type of nightlife entertainment you’d expect from a real metropolis.

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