Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities and is therefore a popular hub for those travelling to the country on business. Best known for the Sydney Opera House on its harbour front with its distinctive architecture, the city also has much more to offer visitors. Best of all, there is lots to do in Sydney for free especially if you’re on business and are keeping an eye on costs. Find out more in our list of 5 things to do and see for free in Sydney, Australia:

1. Take a Stroll along the Coast

With such a scenic waterfront its no surprise that Sydney has its own walking route that takes in spectacular coastal views of various beaches and coves. The Bondi to Coogie walk is an impressive way to take some time off to relax and just breathe in the fresh air after doing business in the city.

2. Visit the Sydney Royal National Park

The Royal National park in Sydney is one of the city’s main attractions but can also be enjoyed for free. There is no charge for walking around what is one of the worlds oldest national parks where you can explore its miles of rainforest gullies and jaw-dropping cliffs. As above, you can also take a walk along the coast with its spectacular scenery and hidden beaches waiting to be discovered.

3. See the Opera House Up-Close

As mentioned earlier, the eye catching design of the Sydney Opera House means that it is now synonymous with the city’s identity. If you find yourself with some free time on your hands after your business meetings why not consider seeing this remarkable feat of architecture up-close. The building was designed by an enigmatic Dutch architect and being one of the worlds most recognisable, is well worth the visit.

4. Take a Hike on Sydney’s North Shore

Getting out of the city is a great way to clear your mind and prepare yourself for the next work related meetings or tasks you may have coming up. In this regard, few options are as good as hiking on the North Shore of Sydney in a walk that takes you from the Spit Bridge to Manly as you discover secluded coves and breathtaking, scenic views.

5. Immerse yourself in Culture

If you appreciate the finer things in life then you may want to pay the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia a visit. Recently updated, the museum features contemporary as well as Aboriginal art, which you can take in on one of the free tours available daily.

As the capital of New South Wales, it is no surprise that Sydney is a major business hub, but the city is also blessed with a natural backdrop that affords visitors great views and opportunities to relax. In addition to the suggestions above, green spaces such as Centennial Park are also a big draw, particularly in the summer. All these options mean that everyone from nature lovers to culture buffs will always have something to do while in Sydney, – and it doesn’t even have to cost a cent.

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