If you’ve travelled for business before, you’ll be well aware of the typical early morning starts, tight-packed meeting schedules, constant eating out and after-hours work hunched over a laptop. Business travel is inherently draining.


If you have also been posted to a different city for more than a few days, you’ll know that the relentless routine between work and hotel is not sustainable. So when looking for accommodation for longer business trips, consider how the employee can achieve some quality downtime.



Why work-life balance matters

In this day and age, we have a growing appreciation of how looking after our own health and well-being has a positive impact on mental health. We are learning that maintaining a positive work-life balance helps to keep stress levels at bay and prevents burn-out. 


What typically happens though, is that when an executive is travelling for work, the concept falls to the wayside. 


But it shouldn’t!


Because a good work-life balance has a positive impact on productivity. And there’s no denying that both the business traveller AND their employer benefits from that.


With this in mind, here’s what you need to look for when organising accommodation for long-stay work trips.


Space & Light

After a long day in meeting rooms, or behind a small desk, having a “home” with space to live and breathe is an absolute godsend. The confines of a small hotel room can become dark and stifling after a few days which makes apartments for corporates a no brainer for an extended business trip. 


Executive Apartments, also referred to as Corporate Housing or Corporate Apartments provide occupants with large, spacious, light-filled living areas. Based in residential buildings, guests are living as the locals do.  Suitcases can be properly unpacked and stored. There is room to entertain colleagues, friends or family and for the active traveller, apartments are big enough to bring their surfboard, golf clubs and fishing rods. 



Another luxury on a work trip is the sense of privacy that comes from corporate apartment living.

Executives can come and go as they please, as they would in their own home. There is no daily service staff to interact with, only the occasional crossing paths with a neighbour in the hallway and no noisy weekend sports parties or buck’s nights to disturb the peace.


Fresh Air without having to go out

Unlike a hotel, a typical corporate apartment will have a private balcony or outside area. This is great news as it means the occupant can enjoy the fresh air without having to go out. Like the first coffee for the day or even the perfect wind-down space for Friday 5pm. 



The romantic notion of eating out every night quickly wanes on an extended business trip. Executives crave the ability to prepare themselves a healthy meal or at least be able to heat up something quick in the microwave. For many, cooking is a great way to switch off from the events of the work day and transition into “home” mode.  


A key differentiator in choosing corporate housing over hotels, is that the apartments have fully equipped, modern kitchens. They are thoughtfully designed and stocked to be functional and for regular use.

Where to get some exercise

It’s a well-known fact that exercise releases chemicals in the body such as endorphins and serotonin which has a positive impact on stress levels and mood. Often hotels and some apartments will include a gym and or pool which is great, but what about those that prefer to simply stretch their legs outside. 


With corporate apartments strategically positioned in residential buildings and lifestyle areas, you’ll find that many of them have great access to nearby walking areas and running tracks. Depending on the apartment location, you could also be positioned in close proximity or accessibility to beaches and bush walks, providing a perfect option for the employee to wind down on a weekend. 


A  personalised meet-and-greet for every guest means a local is on hand to identify nearby activities – you only have to ask!


In choosing “home-like” accommodation for business travel, you’re enabling assignees to maintain a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a result, they are more likely to be productive and feel satisfaction from their corporate travel experience.


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