Amanda Wihare recently joined Astra Apartments opening the new location in Wollongong. Having worked in both the arts and services fields Amanda was seeking a new challenge. She came across Astra Apartments, which seemed like the perfect opportunity to match her customer service expertise and people skills with her strong artistic flare and love of using her creativity to inspire others. Here, Amanda explains what drew her to Astra Apartments.

What attracted you to Astra Apartments?

“I was looking for an opportunity where I could use my skills, have autonomy and variety in my day to day role, as well as having the potential to grow and develop the over the long term. Astra provided the opportunity to match my entrepreneurial drive with my creative flair. It has been a busy and exciting time setting up the new Wollongong location, but the support provided by Astra has given me the tools and confidence needed to get started in this vibrant location .”

What can you offer clients looking to stay in Wollongong?

“Wollongong is a stunning coastal city surrounded by ocean and mountains just 1 hour south of Sydney. It is a thriving community and draws tourists from all over the world for its natural beauty, innovation and technology prowess and delicious food! With plans to build a huge Marina completed over the next few years, Wollongong will continue to grow which will increase work opportunity and see more families moving down from Sydney to start a life close to the beach!”

Amanda is excited that she can put her organisational skills and creative flair to good use, while at the same time, enjoying the many tasks associated with setting up apartments and presenting them to a very high standard. Amanda looks forward to welcoming you to Astra Wollongong.

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