When you’re making the move interstate or internationally for business purposes and you’ll be living there for an extended period of time, it can be quite a stressful and confusing process. From packing necessary belongings to organising transport and everything in between, you can find yourself seriously pressed for time.

At Astra Apartments, we understand that the process can be a bit daunting. We’re here to not only offer a simple accommodation solution, but also to help your relocation go as smoothly as possible by providing you with a very helpful list of smartphone apps you can download:


An incredibly comprehensive travel planner that collates all of your travel information for you. Simply forward all of the confirmation emails you receive regarding your trip (airlines, taxi services, etc.) and it’ll create an easy-to-understand itinerary for you. Plus, it’s free!


There are so many different things you need to organise for the move. Use the 100% free Checklist app and download the appropriate template, then simply check them off as you go. This allows you to quickly and easily see what still needs to be done, and can be accessed on your phone as well as through your free checklist.com account (syncs with the app).

Moving Organizer

Keep track of all of your possessions with this very handy app. You can take photos of each box, then list what’s actually inside it and which room it needs to go in at your destination property. There’s a free ‘lite’ version that you can use for just one move and unlimited boxes and other items, or if you think it’s worth the $1.38 you can upgrade to ‘pro’ which will remove ads and can be used as many times as you wish.

Nabo (Australia only)

Moving to a new location means you won’t know many (if any) other people. Not only that, but the area itself will also probably be new to you. Nabo is a great way to meet people near you, and locals can recommend cafes and other local businesses. It’s also a hub for buying, selling and borrowing. This app is completely free to download, too!

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