By Megan Wenzl from

Google is hoping to change the way travellers book hotels. The search engine giant has been introducing new tools and products that allow users to book directly on Google and transitioning to become a platform for travel booking.

This is not new, according to travel news site Skift. Google has been developing travel tools in the last four years, and now the tech giant is starting to make them official. For example, Google Flights came out in 2011, but Google redesigned and relaunched the tool in early 2015, complete with new features.

Google also recently made it easier for users to see important hotel details such as hotel rates, locations and traveler reviews.

Google users can search for a hotel on Google and select the “book” option, this takes the user to another page – usually a third-party reservation site. But Google notes that some hotels allow booking right on Google.

There’s an attraction list at the top of the page, providing users with popular “points of interest” at the top of a search page – three in a list.

“We want to be really good in assisting the user, we want to partner with the industry for that,” Oliver Heckmann, Google’s vice president of travel, told Skift’s Dennis Schaal. “We have no ambition, no plans to become an online travel agency or an airline or a hotel or any of that.”

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