We all know what they say about all work and no play…

For many of us, business trips are something we are going to come across at least once, with some travelling interstate or internationally on a regular basis. While your primary concern on these trips should be getting the most out of the meetings and presentations you have planned, it’s also important to fit in time for you in order to avoid burnout.

Here are some quick and easy ways to squeeze all you can out of your downtime.

Meet for coffee, not for meals

If your job requires you to meet with prospective clients, current clients or business partners regularly, try and stick to coffee catch ups rather than lunches or dinners. Chances are these meetings are going to be shorter as you don’t have the wait time associated with selecting, ordering and receiving food.

Without the distractions, you’ll also be more likely to stick to the task at hand. You’ll still have opportunity to be friendly in a relaxed environment, whilst paying attention to important discussion points concerning your business.

Arrive at conference related social events early

Business social events have a habit of forgetting about the business side of things a couple of hours in. Whilst you should definitely make an appearance to network effectively, arriving early is going to be the best way to maximise time and still build a connection with others. Arriving early means you can have those important conversations with many people in a reasonably empty room which means all eyes can be on you.

Quite often there will be a group of people that want to continue the socialising well into the night. Just remember this is very rarely anything to do about work. Limit your alcohol intake and when you feel it is appropriate you can leave and have the rest of the night to unwind.

Plan ahead

Every bit of planning you do will help to save time further down the track. From planning what to wear for each day to meticulously devising an itinerary of meetings so you know exactly how much time you are going to have to yourself, planning is going to be the best way to make the most of your time and fit everything in.

Get to know the area

In order to make the most of every moment, it pays to know your surroundings and things that are nearby the pique your interest. Take a look at parks, restaurants, local attractions and the transport necessary to get to them if needed. 

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