With its famous Opera House, sandy beaches and over 300 days of almost-guaranteed sunshine, Sydney is rightly popular for its casual, fun, and laid-back lifestyle. It is mostly these qualities that bring millions of visitors to this bustling city on the Eastern coast of Australia but, as the capital of New South Wales and one of the biggest cities in the country, Sydney offers much more than that.

For those looking to move to Sydney for an extended stay and work, there are several other reasons that can just as easily sway your decision. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose to live and work in Sydney:

Sydney is like a home away from home

Australia is a country with a diverse and international population of migrants and the same can be said of Sydney. The Australian government actively encourages the migration of foreign students or professionals, which has created a large mix of migrants living and working in the country. With global migration becoming easier, this means that most visitors to the city will already have the experience of living in a multi-cultural society, especially if they are from the UK or US.

Add to that the possibility of finding a large population of fellow countrymen already living in the city, and Sydney easily becomes a home from home – with arguably better weather!

Economic Stability

If you are moving to Sydney because you have had a job offer, then it’s fair to say that securing work and a reliable income may not be top of your priorities. But even for those without any promise of employment, Sydney reflects the rest of the Australian economy by boasting a robust economy and many economic opportunities. While the cost of living may come as a shock to people new to the city, as with most big cities, wages and remuneration are also comparably high for employed professionals.

In addition to high interest rates on savings and up to 12% employer contributions to your retirement fund that are actively encouraged by the government, living and working in Sydney also makes financial sense.

Leisure activities at your Doorstep

Living and working in Sydney does not mean having to sacrifice your social life or leisurely pursuits. In addition to the above mentioned sandy beaches and obvious tourist attractions, Sydney is blessed by many beautiful natural and man-made surroundings. Highlights include many big nature parks, botanical gardens and wildlife reserves that are close by, as well as wonderful locations for hiking and nature trails. In the city itself, the diversity of the population means that there is a diverse range of culinary and cultural options also on offer.

Other leisure activities you can look forward to in Sydney include productions at the Sydney Opera house or the many music and art festivals that are held throughout the year. For visitors and residents in Sydney, there is always something to do.

With its English speaking yet culturally diverse population, great weather, and lots of things to do, Sydney can be a great place to live and work. In fact many who come for a short visit end up staying for good! Why not consider this wonderful, vibrant city as your next stop?

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