With long flights, it’s all about being prepared…

Choose your seat – he earlier you get online and choose your seat the better for long travel. So, if you have a preference such as window or aisle, front, back or over the wing, you will only have the option to choose the seat you want if you do this ahead of time.

Prepare your body – the day before your flight, spend some time stretching and exercising preparing your body to spend 24 hours in a sitting position.

Make sure you are comfy – no waist bands that dig in, stiff jeans or tight-fitting clothes. Wearing layers can also help as your body temperature can fluctuate.  If you want to step off the plane looking good – bring a fresh change of clothes.

Bring a scarf or a shawl – so versatile and easy to wear. Handy for warmth, covering your eyes from light, for use as a blanket or a pillow.

Power up – Make sure you charge all your devices before leaving home and make sure you bring your chargers. An external charging device is also a great idea.

Bring your own entertainment – load up your devices with music, movies or books in case the options onboard are not to your taste.

Pack some snacks – just in case you get hungry between meal service, it’s also nice to have something from home.

Drink LOTS of water – When you are dehydrated, your mood and energy levels will drop. It can also cause headaches and irritability. Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel like you need it.

Clean and fresh – Bring a little kit with a brush, deodorant, toothpaste and brush and some moisturiser – a little freshen up will make you feel much better.

Eye masks and ear phones – Even those that sleep well can find it difficult to sleep on a plane. Eye masks and noise-cancelling ear phones can help cut out the bright lights and engine noise, not to mention the other passengers!

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