For an outsider looking in, corporate travel seems pretty appealing. Travelling to a new city for work, all expenses paid by your employer, what’s not to love?

But the reality is vastly different for executives who travel regularly. Particularly for those who spend several weeks or months working away from their homes.

In addition to their intense work schedules, business travellers may need to adjust to an unfamiliar executive apartment. Simple “second nature” tasks like operating the dishwasher, knowing the fastest route to the office or best place to grab a meal in the neighbourhood can become tedious and time-consuming. Little nuances can really impact their corporate travel experience.

With this in mind, corporate travel bookers need to consider more than location, cost, and booking ease when comparing properties. They need a property that delivers a seamless and hassle-free transition into their new home.

That’s why it’s important to choose accommodation that provides personalised 24/7, on-call service to their guests. Here are 5 reasons why we believe it makes a difference and improves the overall experience.

Not having to look for the key

Many apartments require guests to first locate the room key and then navigate their own way to their room. Given the guest is not familiar with their surrounds, even with good instructions this process can be a nuisance. It’s often the last thing people want at the end of a long journey.

With a personalised 24/7 service,  all guests are greeted by an Astra Apartments Manager. All the guesswork is removed, making arrivals relaxed, efficient and safer.

24/7 on-call support

Early morning or late night check-in? Guests need the same level of care irrespective of the arrival time.

The service also doesn’t end the minute bags have been put down. Long stay corporate apartments are typically located in residential buildings. Having access to 24/7 support means issues can be addressed any day of the week, and any time of the day as opposed to waiting for support during business hours. For a busy corporate traveller, even the smallest disruption can have a big impact on their busy work schedules, so this on hand support is invaluable.

Apartment orientation

Imagine you’ve planned a long holiday, at which time a house sitter will be taking care of your home. When the house sitter arrives, you’d likely hand them a generic instruction manual, but it’s the insider tips that make all the difference. Things like techniques for operating certain appliances, and what to be mindful of within your apartment building.

Choosing an apartment with a personalised service limits the chance of friction in these simple day-to-day tasks. Guests are given a thorough orientation on arrival helping them to smoothly transition into the workings of their new home.

Local area orientation

Astra Apartment Managers are active in their local area. Guests can, of course, access information online about restaurants and where to find a supermarket. But if you’ve travelled yourself, you know the insights from a local person are priceless. Where the best coffee is; what’s happening on weekends in the area; and things to avoid. With a personalised accommodation service,  these insider tips are shared with guests at check-in and at any point during their stay. They’ll be feeling like a local themselves in no time.

Pre-check-in checklists and duty of care

The duty of care that companies owe to employees to ensure they are safe when travelling, extends to service providers.

In addition to the pre-check-in procedures to ensure the apartment is safe and fit for use and proper safety procedures are in place, a personalised check-in ensures this information is communicated with guests. This provides both the traveller and booker peace of mind about safety.

In short, people travelling for business value their limited time and need a hassle-free transition to their new surroundings. Choosing accommodation options that support these needs, can boost employee satisfaction with corporate travel.

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