There’s a tonne of readily available information online on what a corporate apartment is and how it works. For example, on this page and also this one. Also where they fit in when compared to other accommodation options.

However, this post is more specifically about the things you may not know.

Here are our top 5 for Astra’s Corporate Apartments.

1.  We say “long-stay”, but…

Depending on the booker, terms like “long-term accommodation” and “short-term apartments” can be used interchangeably.

So what does “long-stay” actually mean?

Whilst the apartments are comfortable to live in for months, “long-stay” for Astra Apartments is actually only 7+ nights. Plus, in some cases, we can be flexible and take less.

For situations like this, it’s as simple as discussing your needs with the location manager. If they can, they will try to fit you in.

Plus, with 72-hour cancellations, all-inclusive costs, and no exit cleaning fees, although the apartments are termed “long stay”, they include many of the perks of booking a hotel or serviced apartment.

2.  Where’s the signage?

For hotels and serviced apartment hotels that occupy the majority of a building, you will see the suppliers brand advertised on the external facade. However, if you are booking furnished Corporate Housing with Astra Apartments, this won’t be the case.

That’s because our executive apartments are located within private residential buildings. We’re not run like a hotel with a manned reception desk, however, we provide all our guests a personalised experience by meeting arrivals at the door, taking them to the apartment, and running through everything they need to know. We help them feel right at home straight away.

And although we don’t occupy a whole building, we typically have a number of apartments across each category. So we will have a portfolio of 1 bedroom apartments, and a portfolio of 2 bedroom apartments, etc all in one building. Great if you want to accommodate project teams in one location but want to give them a more personalised, home-away-from-home experience.

3.  Locations on demand

On the subject of accommodating project teams, you may want corporate accommodation in a location we’re not. If the demand is there (you need multiple apartments for an extended period) we can quickly set up quality, spacious apartments that tick all the boxes – modern, convenient, and cost-effective.

The benefit of Astra Apartments not being tied to a specific building is we can quickly go where the demand is. What’s more, we can do this in a short space of time.

4.  Stable rates over an extended stay can save up to 10% in costs

Corporate Apartments focus on the corporate market. So you won’t experience blackout dates or rate spikes when a popular event for the leisure market is in town.

For a booker, this makes extensions easy and booking during busy times of the year less of a headache.

In fact, some bookers that book regularly and for extended periods have found it can reduce overall costs by more than 10%. There are also savings on the F&B allowance and other living costs because travellers have the option to prepare meals and do their laundry at home.

5.  We’re turned 20, in 2021!

With 20 years of accommodating the needs of Corporate Clients, Travel Managers, Aggregators, & Relocations agencies, it’s safe to say we have a few notches on our belt when it comes to corporate accommodation.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded Australia wide and across the sea to New Zealand. We attribute our success to our agile business model and continue to evolve our processes and apartments to better serve the needs of our bookers and guests.

If you’re ready to partner with an accommodation provider who can offer a distinctively different kind of travel experience, talk to us. Astra Apartments offers the personalised attention, flexibility and high standards you’d expect from a dedicated team.

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