Perhaps you’ve never heard of corporate apartments before or have heard of them but are unsure of them;  Whatever your situation, we’re here to tell you without a shadow of a doubt that between corporate apartments and various hotel accommodations, corporate apartments are the better, smarter choice.

That may sound like a bold statement, but it’s one we can prove.

Why Corporate Apartments are the Clear Winner

In case you’re unaware of exactly what corporate apartments are, they are basically fully-furnished apartment accommodations that you can book for medium or long term stays. They offer the same services and amenities as serviced apartments, but offer a few distinct advantages:

More Space

Because they are full-sized apartments, corporate apartments offer more space than serviced apartments for the same price. This might seem insignificant, but when you’re on an extended business trip and have to stare at the same four walls and move around a tight space for weeks or months, that extra space is going to make a big difference. Corporate apartments in Sydney and throughout Australia have a particular reputation for being the most spacious in the world; so if you’re looking for accommodation anywhere in Australia you should definitely consider a corporate apartment.

More Freedom

Ordering the same hotel food every single day during your stay is bound to become boring, and constantly ordering take away can add significantly to your travel expenses. With a corporate apartment, you’re no longer limited to just these two options. With its own kitchen and complete with all kitchen tools and appliances, a corporate apartment gives you the freedom to prepare and cook whatever food you like during your stay! With each corporate apartment having its own indoor laundry facilities you’re also free to clean your own clothes anytime at no additional cost!

More Value for Your Money

Speaking of cost, since you can prepare your own meals and clean your own clothes within your own corporate apartment, you can definitely save on food and clothing costs. But that’s not the only way corporate apartments can keep your expenses low during your trip. If you stay at a hotel or serviced apartment for an extended period of time, chances are your bill is going to be quite large since you’re paying for the accommodation on a daily basis. With corporate apartments however, you’re offered flexible price ranges depending upon the length of your stay. If you’re travelling with a big group and for a long period, a corporate apartment will be the best way to go as it will give you the most ‘bang for your buck’!

A Home Away from Home

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel  then you’re probably familiar with that strange, outsider feeling you get, like you’re intruding in someone else’s space and not one that’s really your own. With a corporate apartment, you can forget all about that feeling. With all the space and freedom to do just about anything you would do in your own home, a corporate apartment will feel just like home in no time. Put your feet up as you watch TV in your own living room, fix yourself a quick snack in your own kitchen and get some work done at your own personal study table. Soon you’ll find you won’t even mind being on an extended business trip, because you’re already in your home away from home.

Still need more reasons to choose a corporate apartment over a hotel or standard serviced apartment? Then on your next trip choose to stay at Astra Apartments. Our apartments throughout Australia are fully-furnished, spacious and complete with all the features and amenities you could ever need for your long stay. With these outstanding corporate apartments, we’re sure you’ll be convinced! Come and book your stay with us today!

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