Each year, International Women’s Day helps shine the light on how we can further foster a gender-equal world where women feel empowered.

Great strides have been made in balancing gender equality and opportunities across workplaces. However, as women make up an ever-increasing amount of our business traveller population, there’s still a lingering concern. That is, that women often feel less secure than their male counterparts when travelling for work.

The reality

This time last year, an Opinium survey of 2,000 business travellers in Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom was commissioned by World Travel Protection. The statistics are sobering. 71% of women business travellers believe travelling for work as a woman is less safe than travelling as a man. 31% say they do not travel or go out alone at night. And one in five feel their organisation should “act with women’s safety in mind,”. Such as ensuring flights don’t arrive late at night.

I, the author of this piece, am a woman in my 40’s. I’d describe myself as confident and capable in both my work and personal life. I’ve travelled with friends. As well as my colleagues, family and solo. Reflecting on the above-mentioned stats, I look at my own experiences. And whilst I termed them as “sobering”, when travelling solo, they’re not surprising.

Within the corporate accommodation industry, we know that many large companies are increasingly working towards closing the gap. They’re making strategic choices that not only ensure their female traveller’s safety but also promote a sense of comfort and security. For those not yet there, start with simply shifting the focus. Plan through the eyes of a solo female traveller. This will help form decisions around navigating unfamiliar territories, late-night arrivals, and steering clear of accommodations that can amplify feelings of vulnerability.

The good news for travel bookers is that corporate apartment providers like Astra Apartments, already offer compelling solutions to address these concerns. Unlike traditional leisure and business hotels, corporate apartments offer a homely environment, coupled with a suite of security features tailored towards the safety of travellers. Things like;

Secure Buildings

Astra Apartments operates in secure residential buildings with multiple layers of security. These include (but are not limited to) controlled access to the building, security access to the floor, and secure access to the apartment itself.

Strategic Apartment Placement

With multiple apartments available in a building, female travellers can be strategically positioned, ensuring they’re not secluded at the end of corridors, and thereby enhancing safety.

Elevated Location

To minimise the risk of unauthorised access, apartments are situated above the first level.

Personalised Check-in Process

Astra Apartments offers a secure check-in process where a staff member personally greets and escorts arrivals to their apartment, ensuring they feel comfortable and acquainted with the premises. Even in the event of unavoidable late-night arrivals, this personalised meet-and-greet applies. What’s more, a notice of the safe arrival can be sent to the company/booker.

24-Hour On-Call Service

With round-the-clock assistance, on-the-ground local help is always available should travellers encounter any issues or concerns. A direct contact number is provided which means no lengthy recorded menus trying to navigate how to talk to a human. Calls go straight to the local person on duty.

Security Intercoms

Given the apartments are in residential buildings, there will undoubtedly be occasions when colleagues or friends are visiting. Or the events when the intercom is mistakenly called. As an extra layer of communication and security, all apartments are equipped with security intercoms.

By partnering with corporate apartment specialists like Astra Apartments, companies not only demonstrate their commitment to the safety and well-being of their female (and male) employees but also fulfil their duty of care. Empowering business travellers through thoughtful choices does not only inspire inclusion. But also fosters a culture of support and respect within organisations.

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