Across Australia, a jaw-dropping pipeline of infrastructure and local development projects is taking place. As a result, hundreds of skilled workers will be formed into project teams, working on assignments that require them to stay in different locations for extended periods.

One crucial aspect of ensuring the success of such projects is booking suitable corporate group accommodation for the team. The nature of the work coupled with being away from loved ones in an unfamiliar place can be demanding. This is why having a comfortable and convenient living space can significantly impact the performance and morale of your project team members.

To help you make the right choices when booking project team group accommodation, here are five valuable tips that corporate bookers should keep in mind:

1. Be flexible with price

While it’s essential to manage costs, opting for the cheapest accommodation isn’t always the best approach. Consider the specific needs of your project team and the duration of their stay. For instance, a slightly more expensive option with a full kitchen might be a better choice if your assignees will be staying for an extended period. Cooking their meals can make them feel more at home and comfortable. Remember that the comfort of your team members can directly affect their performance. We’ve had many instances where project teams relocated because the initially booked accommodations were inadequate. Prioritise your team’s well-being, and they’ll be more productive at work.

2. Provide ample notice

Communication is key when booking corporate project team accommodation. Start the conversation with your accommodation providers as soon as you foresee the need for a booking. This early notice allows them to plan and make necessary arrangements to meet your requirements. If your project timelines and requirements look like they are changing (which they nearly always do), proactively keep your accommodation partners informed of any shifts in your plans promptly. See them as an extension of your team so they can help you. Effective communication with suppliers will make your job easier and ensure your team’s needs are met.

3. Be prepared to split your group accommodation

For larger project teams, it’s worth considering whether to accommodate everyone in a single location or split the group across multiple buildings or locations. The decision mostly depends on the length of stay. For shorter stays, you can get away with placing everyone together in an apartment hotel. However, for extended stays, the traveller’s needs are different and the type of accommodation you choose far outweighs keeping everyone together.

We’ve had instances where a company has chosen large group hotel bookings intending to keep everyone together. However, they later had to move the entire team because they were unhappy with the living standards. Teams subsequently are far more content when split across buildings nearby if they feel more at home. In spacious extended stay furnished apartments, team members can conveniently host gatherings and meetings within their living spaces plus many buildings feature communal facilities for meetings and gatherings.

4. Don’t forget the logistics

Logistical considerations can often be overlooked but are crucial for a successful project. Ensure that parking is secured for all applicable team members, especially if they are travelling by car. For those arriving by other means, make transportation arrangements from the airport to the accommodation. Additionally, check the proximity of shops, restaurants, cafes, and public transport to ensure your team has easy access to essential amenities. A well-organised logistics plan ensures that your team remains content and focused on their work.

5. Look for on-the-ground support

As a project manager or booker, you can’t always be physically present to assist your team. Therefore, it’s vital to have local on-the-ground support available. This support can be a friendly face to greet and settle in your team members, guide them on local attractions and activities, and be a point of contact in case they need assistance. Having someone on hand helps your team feel more at ease and well-supported during their stay, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

In conclusion, booking corporate project team group accommodation requires careful consideration of your team’s needs, effective communication with accommodation providers, and attention to logistical details. By following these tips, you can ensure that your project team members are comfortable, well-supported, and ready to deliver their best performance, regardless of their location.

Astra Apartments can be found in many major development hubs across Australia. We operate purely in the corporate travel space, have a large number of apartments in each location, and bring extensive experience in accommodating major companies’ project teams. Get in touch to discuss your upcoming project needs with us today.

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