The number of women travelling alone for business and staying in corporate apartments is ever-growing and with it are all the preventive measures they adopt to feel safe. It’s a shame but it is true: female business travellers today may be facing higher travel safety risks. Cautions go from methods of transport, and of course, choosing a corporate apartment service that caters to this sense of security is paramount.

According to a survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), during 2018, 83 percent of female business travellers reported safety concerns. 86 percent reported an impact on booking behaviours, such as booking only daytime flights or choosing accommodation in central neighbourhoods. Amongst other results, the survey showed that 80 percent of women say the concern about safety has a direct effect or has impacted their productivity on business trips.

Astra Apartments is committed to keeping women safe when they travel for business, which is why we pay close attention to these numbers. If female travellers are very, or even somewhat concerned, our work is to minimise those risks and make the experience that much more enjoyable — and productive!

Corporate Apartments For Female Travellers

Another interesting result revealed that 68 percent of them agree their companies should consider having policies that specifically address the needs of female business travellers.

Although not all companies have a documented policy, what we are observing is that an increasing number of companies are taking the issue seriously. We can see this through the questions they ask our team when enquiring about an apartment for a female business traveller.

Knowing that finding safe serviced apartments, hotels or corporate accommodation is a priority for women travelling, and as a flow-on from this, the Corporate Bookers or Travel Management Companies arranging their business trip, we’ve compiled a list of safety perks that demonstrate why Astra Apartments have the most suitable corporate apartments to stay in.

As executive accommodation specialists, we understand the needs of business travellers and what it takes to ensure safety and security.

We are able to facilitate many features, besides great locations and fully furnished apartments, and hold them as standard procedures where possible to help people feel at ease whilst staying with us.

Our features include:

  • We operate in secure buildings, typically with 3 levels of security:
  1. Controlled access to the building
  2. Controlled access to the floor of the apartment
  3. Controlled access into the apartment
  • Female guest apartments aren’t positioned at the end of corridors
  • All apartments have security intercoms
  • Apartments are situated above the first level

In addition to the above, we have a secure check-in process whereby an Astra Apartments staff member will personally meet and greet you on arrival to welcome you to your apartment. We take you up to the apartment allowing time to familiarise yourself with the building and its features, as well as ensuring you are comfortable with all available appliances within the corporate furnished apartment. With 24-hour on-call service, you will always be able to contact and speak to a member of staff about any issues or concerns.

Additional Standard Security Procedures

The following are additional measures we take into account to assure a great stay that’s also hassle-free:

  • Organising a private car to collect you at the airport (available on request)
  • Discretion – staff won’t announce your apartment number so that no one can overhear where you are residing
  • Assistance with luggage
  • Security – buildings with security lift access
  • Camera intercom so you can check visitors visually without opening the door.
  • Apartments that are not down the end of a long dark corridor or adjacent to fire exits
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Reliable WiFi
  • Safe locations and local area knowledge and advice from the person checking you in
  • Clear emergency procedures available in the apartment

At Astra Apartments, we are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience when they travel for business. Understanding women’s concerns help companies looking for ways to improve their duty of care, and Astra Apartments is no exception when it comes to corporate housing. We want to ensure that all guests staying with Astra Apartments feel safe and secure during their short or extended stay.

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