Adelaide is a fantastic place that offers plenty of entertainment for everyone. If you are sent there on a work visit during the summer, you are in luck as there are many interesting activities to enjoy even when your free time is limited.

Go to Adelaide Botanic Garden

This is a must-see place for every person coming to Adelaide. The park is incredibly beautiful and open from 7:15 AM Monday-Friday and 9:00 AM on weekends. You can pick up a map and a brochure at the garden and design your personal tour or join a guided walk. There are a variety of different food and drink options available, so you can grab a meal while enjoying the nature.

Take a tour through Adelaide Oval

This is another place that one must visit while in Adelaide, as it’s one of the city’s ‘trademarks’. A guided tour will take you through many closed doors and let you discover fascinating stories about the iconic place. There are three public tours a day, on weekdays, at 10 AM, 11 AM, and 2 PM, but groups over 10 people can be scheduled outside public hours. Consider asking your coworkers to join you in this adventure.

Ride Glenelg Tram

Trams are fun, and a city tour on a Glenelg tram is a great way to explore Adelaide. Most importantly, it’ll take you to a place with lots of entertainment and dining options, so it could be a great way to finish off after a hard day at work. Travelling on a tram also takes you out of the evening rush hour traffic.

Have fun at Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide Arcade provides an incredible shopping experience and can serve as a perfect meeting place. Whether you are browsing or actually shopping, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere of sophisticated luxury. Here you can buy jewellery, gifts, clothes, and a variety of original goods from specialty shops. You can also try fantastic coffee and chocolate.

Visit Art Gallery of South Australia

There can’t be too much art in your life, so going to this magnificent gallery is always a great idea. It features numerous collections in different styles, so everyone should be able to find something they will enjoy. The Gallery also hosts various events, and if you are lucky, you might be able to attend art talks, classes, and dances. There are specialised studio workshops as well as classes for children, teens, and even educators. Note that the Gallery offers a graduate program in Curatorial and Museum Studies and also in Art History, which are run in conjunction with the University of Adelaide.

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