Getting ready for a holiday is always an exciting prospect, with packing for your trip serving only to heighten the expectation of your imminent departure. When it comes to packing for a business trip however, the excitement tends to turn into anxiety as you stress about packing the right items or not leaving something important behind. Thankfully if you’re about to travel on business there are some steps you can take to ease your worries and ensure you are prepared and ready to do business before departure.

Here is a helpful starting point of essential must-pack items for a business trip when you are getting ready to start packing:

First things First: Business Attire

Depending on the field you work in, there will normally be an acceptable dress code for when you’re on the job, particularly if you will be attending some business meetings or conferences.  The most important questions to ask yourself include whether you’ll need a versatile mix for a variety of functions? How long you will be away for, and what the weather will be like where you’re going? Consider this and pack accordingly – paying attention to your business attire and adding optional extra outfits if needs be.

Work-Related Essentials

Next on your packing list should be any work related items you will need during your business trip, be it important documents, laptop computer, business cards, and writing materials. A top tip is to print out anything you’ll need before you get to your destination instead of counting on finding a printer when you get there.

Entertainment Options

Just because you are going on a business trip does not mean you’ll be hard at work all the time. Consider potential downtimes such as during your flight, or when you retire to your room for the night. Great ideas include a good book, films and music. If you’re going to be playing media on a portable device such as a tablet or smartphone be sure to remember to pack chargers as well as sourcing power adapters if you’re going overseas.

Foreign Currency / Emergency Funds

If your business trip is taking you abroad be sure to stock up on some of the local currency as well as noting the exchange rate so that you always know how much you’re spending. Its always a good idea to ensure you have access to emergency funds should anything unexpected happen and you need extra cash.

Careful planning and preparedness are key to avoid any number of issues that regularly affect travellers, business or otherwise. By covering your bases with the must-pack items for your business trip mentioned above, you will be able to avoid leaving anything you’ll need behind and be able to travel in confidence.


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