Home is where the heart is, but what does that mean if you’re constantly on the road? If you’re heading off on a long-term stay away, its likely you’re feeling the nerves on how best to grasp some of that homely comfort you’d get at your own place. Be it in a corporate apartment or other mode of accommodation, corporate trips can be tweaked to feel that little bit more familiar.

Here’s a few nifty steps to get started:

Go back to the basics

After you’ve settled in at your new location (temporary or not), head out to the shops to buy all of those essentials you’ll need around your space—tea and coffee, snacks, toothpaste etc. Spend some time collecting basics that you’ll need as part of your everyday routine.

Get creative in the kitchen

Even if you’re not an avid chef, cooking for yourself when away is a great way to break the habit of buying out when you’re away from home. Takeaway foods and endless restaurant dinging can give a foreign feel to trip, rather than your normal routine in a different location.

Cap your office hours

Just because you’ve relocated or are staying in long-term accommodation for work, doesn’t mean you’re on-call 24/7 (unless you actually are). Make sure you avoid mixing personal hours with work hours—it’s still important to keep a natural balance, especially if you’re working in the actual place you’re staying, like a corporate apartment

Take time to yourself

Just like the above, it’s important to get out and about and get to know the area or those around you. If you have neighbours, introduce yourself and familiarise your routine with theirs. Keep frequent contact with your friends and family and take time out to do all the things you’d usually do in the comfort of your own space back home.

Jazz up your accommodation to look the part

Even placing a few familiar items around the place, just like your basics, can help you feel more at home. Think common decorations that you usually like observing back at your own property, or even books that you’d resign yourself to after a stressful day. Common comforts are just that, so keeping them on hand is a nifty little tip when you’re on the road.

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