Last year was a year of wins for us. One we definitely need to shout about, is Rebecca Englman taking charge of Astra Apartments Melbourne CBD.

Since coming on board in late 2022, the portfolio of extended-stay apartments in Melbourne CBD (7+ nights) has grown by 57%, an impressive figure given the record low apartment vacancy rates in Melbourne.

After months of hard work building the business, Rebecca takes a moment to pause and share her experiences with us so far. She gives a preview into what bookers and corporate travellers can expect in the future, plus we tap into what really makes Rebecca light up – her love of running and travel.

What’s one thing you believe your clients really value when booking with Astra Apartments Melbourne CBD?

There are several – and they are all equally important. Because we focus on corporate travel, our clients love that our apartments are in prime central locations. Both bookers and those that stay with us really value having a stress-free service, and great communication. They are inherently busy – so anything we do to make their lives easier is a huge win.

I’ve found that I’ve developed a real joy from meeting and helping the bookers. It’s a great feeling when a booker comes to you with a complex request and you can help them.

On the other hand, I also love helping travellers to have a great experience. Most of the people staying with us are here for work, which can often be full-on. They’re also here for an extended period, typically staying for weeks or months. By ensuring they have everything they need in their accommodation, they have a positive space to unwind in and recharge each day.

If I take a step back and try to package it into one thing, then personalised service at every step is the standout value-add.

Can you share one of your proud moments running your business?

Taking on a new apartment before we even started! We were in the final stages of taking on the business when an amazing apartment came up. Taking on inventory at this point was a risk, but we decided to jump the gun and secure it.

This is 100% the definition of throwing yourself in the deep end.

I had to very quickly learn on the job the process of securing, furnishing and readying an apartment. It was a huge adrenalin rush and to add to the pressure, we secured a long-term booking, so our set-up timeline was compounded even more.

It was full-on, but seeing the finished result, and knowing what we were able to achieve and learn in such a short space of time was very rewarding.

If you take a look at the virtual tour below, you will get a good idea of the size and quality of apartments we are preparing for our corporate travellers.

What’s ahead for Astra Apartments Melbourne CBD?

Melbourne Collins St 1 Bed Corporate Apartment

Melbourne is certainly recovering from the pandemic, our occupancy chart and quality of enquiries are solid proof. Not surprisingly, my core focus is to grow our portfolio to meet the demand. With that being said, it’s an interesting time as apartment vacancy rates are at an all-time low and costs are increasing. It’s a hurdle, but not a handbrake.

What do you get up to when you have a moment to yourself?

I really enjoy running, and try to make space for it 4-5 times a week. Sometimes before my day starts, sometimes in the evening. The other day, when I was in the city I had a window in the middle of the day and decided to seize the opportunity. Taking off from the apartments, my track took me through the city and along the Yarra River. I was certainly spoilt with beautiful city landscapes, water views and plenty of trails to follow. For any runners that stay with us – I’m confident they will enjoy their runs here.

We hear you have a love of travel – can you tell us a bit more?

Definitely! I love getting away / exploring new places and cultures as much as I can. Some of my favourites so far include China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Sri Lanka and the Maldives…. plus so many more.

The next on my bucket list is Africa. I’ve always dreamed of witnessing the majestic sight of the great migration of wildebeests. I’m determined to make my dream a reality soon!

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