A c-suite level executive within top tier organisations, Emma has honed her Marketing and Sales leadership skills across diverse disciplines and multiple industries. Recognised as an accomplished professional with a broad skill-set and a track record of achievement, Emma has lead large teams to success and effectively managed multi-million-dollar P&L and product portfolios.

Emma talks about why she joined Astra

“An overwhelming desire to realise success beyond the corporate world, coupled with a healthy appetite for the service and travel industry was the driving force that attracted Emma to Astra Apartments. A simple and proven success model that closely aligns with her values and vision for personal growth and success. Emma joined the group April 2017 as Director of Astra Apartments Newcastle. A newly established territory in this thriving city that represents huge business potential. Emma saw this as a wonderful opportunity to leverage her entrepreneurial skills and personal traits, maximise untapped potential in the pursuit of greater reward, satisfaction and  contentment.”

Emma articulates what she can offer Newcastle guests

“Above all, an unrivalled emphasis on customer service with a natural talent relating to the astute business traveller, a genuine desire to delight, pre-empt their every need that ultimately exceeds expectations, is a proven winning formula.”

Central to success is an abundance of tenacity, drive, energy, unwavering commitment to high standards and attention to detail. This coupled with a relentless focus on continuous improvement, indeed places Astra Apartments ahead of the pack in Newcastle

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