Interesting Facts about Melbourne That Make It A Great Place to Live

With its exciting weather and robust economy, Australia is a popular destination for many tourists, students, and economic migrants. When it comes to moving to or visiting Australia, the question is not about whether to go, but where to go in the country. For the undecided, or those considering this great city, today we’ll make the case for Melbourne as your next destination.

Melbourne: A big city with lots to offer

With its wide streets and hidden lanes, eclectic gallery’s or open parklands, Melbourne is a vibrant and modern city with lots to offer both the short-term visitor and residents. The coastal capital of Victoria offers a mix of tree-lined boulevards, 19th-century buildings, modern architecture, and a diverse mix of cultures and food to choose from.

The former capital city of Australia may also be known for unpredictable weather, but it trumps most cities by continuously being voted as one of the most liveable places in the world.

A multi-cultural melting pot

As with most big cities in Australia, Melbourne has benefited from an influx of tourist, student, and professional migrants. The result is a melting pot of authentic restaurants, an exciting city centre, buzzing neighbourhoods, and a healthy arts and culture scene, not to mention the familiarity of  English, which is the main language spoken here.

Record breaking sport and recreation opportunities

Officially the only city in the world with five international standard sporting facilities, Melbourne is widely considered as Australia’s sporting capital. From the city’s Formula 1 circuit and cricket ground to being the host of the Australian Open tennis tournament, there is no shortage of events to attend if you love sports.

Additionally, the city features many opportunities for recreation, including everything from great street art, parklands, and beautiful beaches such as the amazing St Kilda Harbour.

A famed rooftop life

Melbourne has a thriving and eclectic mix of rooftop cinemas, bars and restaurants that offer a diverse range of culinary treats to savour. This clever use of the city’s skyline means that an active and rich social life can be had in the city all throughout the year.

An exciting food and wine scene

In addition to the rooftop restaurants and bars found in the city, Melbourne is home to large Italian and Greek populations, as well as other nationalities. This international diversity makes for an exciting food scene where the only limits are your palettes’ sensibilities!  Highlights include the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival held in March, and an eclectic mix of cafes, bars, and shops to excite your senses.

If all the above facts are not enough to convince you to give life in Melbourne a try, then consider that the eight hour working day was championed and won in 1855 by a group of Melbourne stonemasons! With banners that read “8 Hours labour, 8 hours recreation, 8 hour rest,” those choosing to live and work in Melbourne can rest assured of an exciting and balanced lifestyle.

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