Not all visits to Australia are short stays where tourists see the sights or business people have their meetings then go back home, sometimes there is be a need for a longer period stay. If you are moving to Australia, or any other country for an extended stay then you may be considering what would be the ideal accommodation arrangement for yourself.

There are a lot of reasons why you may need a more long term arrangement when staying in Australia, be it a short-term business trip, education or pleasure. The choice of staying in a hotel can become costly and renting a property may require long term obligations, which is why there are many advantages to choosing a corporate apartment for your extended stay.

Cut Your Costs

Whether you are on business for a large conglomerate or an individual exploring your opportunities, the need to cut costs and save money is an important aspect of travel. Corporate apartments have the advantage of providing value for money compared to hotel room rates or renting out a private home. Further savings are made through reduced dining costs, utilities and local tax rates.

Get More Space

While hotels offer some level of convenience, they provide limited room and cannot match the space available in corporate apartments. If you are in the country for an extended stay then it goes without saying that your luggage and supplies will be significantly more than that required for a short visit. Long-stay apartments offer a homely setting with plenty of rooms and storage for everything you need, especially for families with young children.

A Home Away from Home

Another benefit of staying in a corporate long-stay apartment is the fact that they are practically a home away from home. From fully fitted kitchens in which you can make your own meals, to enjoying your own space, privacy, and freedom, corporate apartments let you live fully in a normal neighbourhood setting.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Checking in to a hotel can be pretty straight forward, but if you consider what is required to set yourself up in a private rental property, then the benefits of corporate apartments become clear. Long-stay apartments are ready-made for you to move in as they are fully equipped and furnished with modern fittings and furniture.

On the other hand, other options will require viewings, credit checks, tenancy agreements, and setting up utility accounts – a lot of time and hassle which can easily be avoided by opting for a corporate apartment instead.

The points above show just some of the many advantages of using long-stay apartments for lengthy visits. Whether you look at it from a financial perspective or you prize your privacy and comfort, there are many advantages that make choosing corporate apartments for extended stays worthwhile.



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