Though Astra Apartments always does its best to provide modern, spacious and comfortable corporate apartments in Brisbane and throughout Australia, sometimes guests just can’t help but feel uneasy. It can be strange and unsettling for some to sleep in a place that’s not their home, that’s new and unfamiliar, no matter how clean and furnished it may be.

For some, being in strange surroundings can be distracting to a point that they are unable to get a good night’s rest. But there is a solution: by adding a few things to your corporate apartment you can make a place feel more homey and familiar, and make your stay so much better. Here are 6 tips you can follow to make your corporate apartment feel more like home:

Change the Smell

Our senses tell us exactly where we are, and our sense of smell is most intrinsically linked to our sense of place. This is why one of the most significant things that can make a place seem more like home is its smell. By making your temporary place smell like home, you can immediately feel more at home. You can do this by bringing linen spray or fabric softener sheets with the same scent as the ones you use at home. If your home often smells like your favourite meal or baked goods then by all means, get cooking or baking in your new kitchen.

Bring Familiar Food

Speaking of food, another way to make your corporate apartment feel more like home is by having your favourite snacks around. Taste is another sense that links us back to what is familiar and comfortable. So next time you travel make sure you have your favourite snacks on hand, or bring bags of your favourite tea or coffee with you.

Play Familiar Sounds

If music is an important part of your home, make sure to bring your favourite songs with you on your mobile device and bring a small, portable speaker as well. Can’t sleep with the noise or lack thereof? Bring a travel-sized white noise machine with you to emulate the sounds you’re most familiar with.

Bring Your Own Toiletries

Another great tip is to bring your own toiletries. Sure, there may be free bottles of shampoo and body wash in your new accommodations, but they probably won’t smell or feel like the ones you have at home. Bringing your own toiletries makes your morning routine feel more familiar and also helps you avoid that inconvenient moment when you discover you actually don’t like the way the free bath products smell.

Bring Your Own Slippers

Nothing makes a place feel extra comfortable than your own pair of slippers. Those free paper slippers that are always two sizes too big are a constant reminder that you’re not home, whereas your own comfy slippers make it seem like home is wherever you are.

Bring Your ‘Thing’

Almost everyone has that one ‘thing’ that they really can’t do without on a trip. It could be a special pillow or pillowcase, a collection of photos, a nightlight or a favourite pair of pyjamas. Whatever that one thing is, make sure you bring it along.

Following these tips you’re sure to have a very comfortable stay away from home. Now all that’s left to do is find the perfect accommodations close to the best areas in Brisbane. If you’re wondering in Brisbane where to stay, wonder no more as Astra Apartments offers premium, conveniently-located corporate apartments in Brisbane and many other major CBDs in Australia. Give us a call on 1300 797 321 today to enquire.

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