Being on the road around the clock means that the needs of business travellers are very unique. While it might seems glamorous to stay in hotels, and travel to big cities for work – the reality is often far from it. Especially since business travellers are often weary travellers who wake up at the crack of dawn to fly to the next location, and are often away from their families for extended periods.

1.     Wi-Fi and Connectivity

Airports and hotels with Wi-Fi are a must for the business traveller. As more and more airlines are aiming to offer in flight Wi-Fi, business travellers want as many options as possible to get extra work done when travelling or catching up on those never ending emails.

 2.     They need space

Perhaps unsurprisingly, whether on a flight, or in their accommodation business travellers appreciate the need for space and often prefer to have their own privacy. Not only does space improve their productivity, it means that when it’s time to unwind they can be more comfortable, and feel more at home. This is especially true with long stay business travellers.

 3.     Value – But not always the lowest price

Like other travelling groups, there is no doubt that business travellers also appreciate value for money, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into wanting the lowest price. Business travellers are looking for service providers who can value add to their offerings with additional amenities, drinks, extra legroom, and other inclusions and services.

 4.     Convenience

Being busy, and often time poor means that business travellers appreciate convenience. Whether it’s skipping the queue, logging on to get work done, online check in facilities, or other amenities in their hotel which means they can save time. Convenience is key to a happy business traveller, giving them more time for the things that matter.

 5.     Loyalty Schemes

Business travellers (and often their company who book the travel on their behalf) appreciate and to a degree expect loyalty schemes rewarding their repeat patronage. Whether frequent flyer schemes, or corporate rates for company accounts, business travel is lucrative  and appreciating the patronage through loyalty schemes and bonus offer/discounts is important.

6.     They want pleasure too

Just because they are travelling for business, business travellers still appreciate pleasure. From entertainment, dining and even spa treatments in their airport lounge and a centrally located hotel with dining/nightlife options close by.

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