We’ve been lucky enough to accommodate executives all over Australia.  Over the past 20 years, we have welcomed many in our corporate apartments. Serving those that travel for business, projects, or relocating for extended periods has been our greatest pleasure.

What we don’t share so often, is the positive experience we provide to others renting our self-contained and fully furnished accommodation. In a time when good stories are rare in the news, we thought we’d share one of our own.

When disaster strikes

Not so long ago, we received a request from a family of four (including a child with special needs).  They had to temporarily relocate due to a house fire. As expected, the whole family was going through a lot of stress. Not only were they facing a house renovation, but they also had to find a fully furnished apartment for rent that met their requirements – quickly!

The first apartment they were provided with by their insurance company wasn’t suitable for a number of reasons.

Temporary accommodation you can trust for insurance claims

That’s when we came in. The insurance company contacted Astra Apartments, seeking help to find a new place urgently. Pressing that they needed more than just a fully furnished, spacious, ready-to-move-in apartment.

Without delay, we managed to find the perfect, fully furnished, and equipped apartment.  Based in a secure residential block, it was ideally located in a quiet area to ensure a comfortable long-term stay.

To help alleviate this family’s concerns resulting from the poor experience they had with their first apartment provider, we made sure we went the extra mile. This included making adjustments to ensure it met their specific requirements. Even to the extent of bringing in a locksmith to change the front door and veranda door locks as a safety measure. This was to accommodate the child with special needs. We did this to put their minds at ease and we presented them with a bottle of bubbly and a couple of beers to enjoy upon arrival. Plus a fruit platter and lollies for the kids. That went down a treat!

Of course, we made sure direct communication with our corporate apartments management team was available at all times for ongoing support.

Especially in a situation such as an unexpected home renovation, when the length of a stay can be unpredictable, Astra Apartments offer a great alternative due to our flexible long term options. We always strive to be particularly supportive during a time that is typically inconvenient and disruptive for a family.

A great solution for an extended stay

This family ended up living in one of our self-contained and fully furnished apartments for nine months. They had a wonderful experience during their extended stay. The best kind of recognition comes when guests are happy!


We value our customers and this kind of appreciation means the world to us. We always strive to make sure every issue is dealt with promptly. Astra Apartments may be the preferred supplier for leading corporations, relocation firms and corporate travel management companies, but at the end of the day, what really matters is to help our guests find a peaceful temporary home solution. Giving the term “home away from home” real meaning.

For more information on our long stay, fully furnished accommodation, get in touch.

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